The Ranch

This ranch offers a variety of terrain unique to the Texas Hill Country. It is bordered by a 12,000 acre working cattle ranch and provides some of the best low-fence hunting opportunities in the area. The ranch consists of three high fence pastures and three low fence pastures to make for a variety of hunting opportunities for Whitetail deer as well as many exotic species. The whitetail herd is managed to provide sustainable numbers within the natural habitat. Within the high-fence areas the buck to doe ratio is 1 to 1. Every year, the goal is to improve the quality of the deer herd.

In addition to the Whitetail deer, the ranch offers a variety of exotic animals. Blackbuck, Mouflon, Fallow, Aoudad, Red Stag, and Scimitar Horned Oryx and other species may be seen roaming the ranch. The terrain and vegetation promote the use of a variety of hunting methods to take different animals.